Friday, 22 May 2020

Amendment Of Maternity Benefit Forms Under Employees State Insurance (General) Regulations, 1950

Maternity Benefit Amendment in the Claim Forms:

ESIC vide notification No. N-12/13/1/2016-P&D has amended The Employees' State Insurance (General) Regulations, 1950 to bring following changes as mentioned, 

(1) Revised Form 17 (Certification/Notice of Pregnancy) and Form 19 (claim for Maternity Benefit and Notice of work) 

(2) Under Regulation 87, which regulates notice of pregnancy by an insured woman, newly inserted Regulation 87A shall now provide for Notice of Commission Mother to be submitted in the amended Form 17 to the appropriate branch office 

(3) Under Regulation 88, which regulates the claim for maternity benefits commencing before confinement, newly inserted Regulation 88A shall require submission of a declaration by an insured woman of her surviving child or children 

(4) Under Regulation 89 which provides for a claim for maternity benefit only after confinement or for miscarriage,      (a) Newly inserted Regulation 89C shall require submission of a claim for Maternity Benefit by Commissioning Mother in the amended Form 19. Provided further if commissioning mother and another woman both are insured, the claim will be provided only to the commissioning mother. Claim against miscarriage will not be payable to the commissioning as well as to the other woman 
(b) Newly inserted regulation 89 D shall require submission of a claim for Maternity Benefit by Adoptive mother in the amended Form 19 as well

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